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About Us

About Us

WAZAGUA, Inc. is a world class technology company and innovator of corporate-wide enterprise web-based software solutions delivered through its industry leading suite of modules designed to help you manage, automate and analyze your information – along with consulting and support services that help assess business risks and opportunities through its proprietary technologies.    WAZAGUA provides its software to companies of all sizes and is committed to e-business and the integration of your business processes.

Welcome to the Future…
WAZAGUA® commonly offers its solution on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model - hosting its robust software suite of modules in its Class A data centers and thereby freeing your organization from the burden of having to worry about all of the day to day network infrastructure issues.  We provide your organization with a turn-key solution to seamlessly manage key departments such as Loss Prevention/Security, Audit, Facilities, Asset Tracking, Operations, IT, Human Resources, Trademark Protection, Safety & Risk Management including Training applications.

WAZAGUA® developing Web software applications suite since 1997… The first and longest running Web suite of applications.  We are committed to offering you leading-edge productivity tools such as the WAZAGUA Suite of applications producing intelligent data flow and effective time management of your corporate resources.  WAZAGUA is a success because it has taken the time to cultivate a first class technology company, along with an innovative product development and management philosophy that is driven by a clear business vision.

Work faster and smarter…
Allow yourself the ability to capture the power of the Internet.  Create efficiencies, manage and share information – give yourself the ability to make better use of your staff… shift the emphasis away from redundant data entry – work “virtually” from any point in the world… designed to increase PROFITS!


Please contact us for a WAZAGUA Web demonstration and to request Product Information Kit (PIK) - PDF
Tel: 941-753-7111